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Fixing the pipes

I've been looking for some small check valves that I need. I've been fixing the pipes at home with the water and I really need some of these valves in order to finish it. I've ordered some of them and they should arrive any moment now and then I can get to work again. I'm working as a plumber so that's why I know stuff like this and it's really handy if you're fixing stuff at home. The valves we're kind of cheap which is really good. And putting them together with the pies is not that hard so It ...

My favorite trip

I´ve been to france many times but I´ve never tried golf there. Golf in France is something really special because there is so many greens there and no problem with the space. WE also have the food that cannot be forgotten in this matter, I really like the french food and loves the culture and above everything, the language. Love playing golf and at the same time hearing french.  May I recommend this trip to all that wants to get som really good golf for a good money and quality.

Ventilation för brandgas

I en fastighet så är det otroligt viktigt med brandgasventilation. Om det skulle börja brinna så bildas det ju massor av rök. I väldigt många fall så är det så att man dör av rökförgiftning innan elden. Så det är verkligen otroligt viktigt att man har något som kan sila bort röken så att man slipper att andas in den. Det är otroligt viktigt det måste jag säga. Jag tror till och med att det finns en lag på att man måste ha sådan här ventilation i en fastighet för att man ska få vistas i den. 

Smart hyllsystem

Jag har sett ett sådant här väggsystem som verkligen ser lovande ut måste jag säga. Det skulle vara perfekt för affärer tror jag. Det är som raka spår i väggen som går från golv till tak och så kan man fästa en hylla vart man vill på de där spåren så att man själv kan bestämma hur man vill att hyllorna ska sitta. Så jag kan verkligen rekommendera att man tar sig en titt på det här systemet för att se om man kan komma att ha användning av det. 

bachelor's party

On Saturday evening I went out with some girlfriends after a wonderful dinner. We went to a lounge bar and we also agreed to meet the men there after they had their bachelor’s party as well. It was so much fun to see each other again and hearing what they have done during the day. My brother and his (soon to be) wife were in the middle of the attention and I think we could not have done better. They truly enjoyed their bachelor’s party and they were emotional of all the attention. Everybody was tired and most of all ...


One thing not to do when you suffer from hurting knees is cycling in a landscape with many hills. I learned that the hard way, last week. The boys wanted to go out cycling with me and it was too hard to say no to them. So we went cycling and I must say, it was a lot of fun. My husband had just replaced his bicycle tyre, so he went along as well. The boys were excited and they wanted the 'long route'. We cycled for quite some time, hills up and hills down and when we came home ...

Dutch groceries

I am making a list for all the groceries I want to do in The Netherlands. Because we are travelling with our own car we are be able to take back to Sweden some groceries I really like which I cannot find in Sweden. When we are traveling by plane I cannot do that but now I can. Of course I want some bags with real Dutch liquorices, the soft and sweet ones. I love those from Holland. But I also want some Indonesia soy sauce which I cannot buy here. And what about real Dutch mayonnaise, not sour like ...


A friend of us has got a new car and it took him a lot of time to make his choice for this model. Apparently he has a problem in a shoulder joint and the combination of the seat and the seatbelt can give him a lot of pain. He went to several dealers and tried many cars and in the end he ordered this one, as apparently it has the right combination for him. In his previous car he had a special seat that was made especially for his posture. Unfortunately that chair only fitted that car and it ...

both home

It is rather unusual to be home and doing my work and my husband is around me doing nothing. Not really nothing; he is rumbling around the house and in the garden. Sometimes he asks if I want something and what I am doing. It is difficult to stay concentrated but on the other hand it is also very cozy. Normally we never are just at home without the children. Instead of screaming kids programs on the television we have turned on the radio on a Dutch channel. And we had some coffee together outside in the sun.

The doctor will tell me.

At the age of ten i had the first feeling that my knees were hurting. If I had to run it went okay but after I did a run a pain came and it took a few days before the pain was gone. I went to the doctor and he told me that it had something to do with growing. His advise was to take some rest for a few months and than I could try to sport again. And i did and he was right because also when I did some sports my hurting knees did not came back. ...